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Just before Christmas I decided to order a documentary I had heard about on one of the hak5 episode that I have finally managed to find time to watch, it turned up yesterday which I thought was a great delivery response around the Christmas period. I am actually managed to find time to watch it last night whilst I was doing some out of hours work.

The documentary is call hackers are people too and is available from this website. The documentary focus on hackers and asks for their view on how the media perceive them, how they perceive them selves  and how the culture has or has not change of the past decades.  I must say this does beat any of the films out about hacking and goes some way to bring a new way of looking at the mainstream of hackers, as yes there are bad hackers but that is a small percentage of the whole spectrum.

Hackers Are People Too Trailer from Ashley Schwartau on Vimeo.

I would recommend everyone watch this, for no other reason is that the next time you hear the words “A hacker broke into … today” you may have a different view on what to think.

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