Fixing My Blog

by on Oct.17, 2008, under Computing

For some stupid reason I didn’t change the permalinks on this site when I moved it from one server to another, this meant that when I did change it today most of the site wasn’t working. Arghhhhhhhhhhh

The only way so I did a search which lead me to this page at This page give out the basics of permalinks and a quick read of the page showed me that my virtual host coonfiguration for this domain in apache was missing some options.

This is what I was missing

<Directory /path-to-website/>
AllowOverride ALL
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

Once I had added that and done the necessary “httpd -k restart” to pick up the new changes in the config it all came together and started to work.

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Obtaining the password for IUSR

by on Oct.09, 2008, under Computing

Today at work I had the need to change the regional settings for an IUSR as the data and time format were set to US not the UK. I had found a page which told me how to do this for the standard IUSR_<machine-name> but as the website with the issue wasn’t using the standard IUSR.
The website I found the information on was Fresh mango

Which is followed but it wasn’t all the information I needed so I experimented as best I could and found that if I type cscript adsutil.vbs get w3svc/X/root/anonymoususerpass
with X being the identifier for the website it would give me the password I wanted or at least I thought so. With the credentials now available I tried to log in and change the regional settings but the password wouldn’t let me in.
so what should I do now?

Well I decided to take a jump which isn’t always the best idea but this is what I have done.
within computer manager I located the IUSR I was after and reset the password for the user.
Opened up regional settings as that user by holding down the shift ket and clicking with the left mouse button on regional settings.
changed the regional settings and closed the window.
Within DOS I inputted the following command “cscript adsutil.vbs set w3svc/X/root/anonymoususerpass <password>
I then checked to make sure the password had been accepted by running this command again cscript adsutil.vbs get w3svc/X/root/anonymoususerpass “although it does print it back when the it has been accepted”.

Then I checked the website to ensure it was still working and it was phew but has the date change I well find out when I reboot the server in the next couple of days and let you know.

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Microphone on compaq 2133

by on Jul.09, 2008, under Compaq 2133, Computing

Well I know I said I would update this yesterday after I install the latest alsa release candidate but I become really busy trying to fix an wireless connection between a linksys wga54g and a netgear WGX102. I am yet to fully fix the issues regarding the connectivity issues but that should be fixed tonight. I have the microphones working but not without issues. The main issue I had was that I did not have the patch utility install so I grab that with apt-get and then all seemed well. I would like to say cheers to ed for his help in my time of need. The microphones are working but require a bit of tweaking once this is done I shall post my settings to share the information.

caio for now

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I should soon be wired for sound

by on Jul.07, 2008, under Compaq 2133, Computing

On my wonderful HP Compaq 2133 laptop the issue still lies where the sound card is not recognised properly which mean on microphone and a nasty bug with the inputting of a set of headphones in to it’s jack would not result in the speakers muting. Now it wasn’t really an issue for me as such as I didn’t really use the headphone socket or have needed to use the microphones on it. Now thanks to the developers at the alsa-project and the people using ubuntu and contributing to the forum this issue seems to have now been fixed well at least until the next kernel update. To get this sound card working the way it should go the alsa project download page, download the alsa-driver-1.0.17rc3 and follow the instructions on this ubuntu support forum topic Now although I haven’t tested this to see it work I am very confident as I have done all of the other instructions and got the wireless card working the graphics working better than just using the standard system. I shall be trying the instruction out tonight and shall let you know how it goes.
Also since I last posted I manage to kill an ipod nano 3rd generation by performing a simple firmware update. The ipod was just showing the apple logo. Now this happened at 22:30 one night and whilst trying to fix it the time got later and later until around 00:30 I decided to give up for the night. I then proceeded to fix it the next day but following the instructions from this article I found the night before and didn’t read properly Now if I had bothered to read this properly that night I would have had it fixed within 20 minutes instead of wasting at least 2 hours. I always forget to read all the instructions before attempting to repair anything.

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A good week

by on May.22, 2008, under Compaq 2133, Magic: The Gathering

Apart from getting my Compaq 2133 and getting rid of SLED 10 sp1 for ubuntu I also received my half a booster box of shadowmoor cards. My Plan is to over the next week create a page on here which has a list of all the shadowmoor card I currently own then with the new releases of sets it will be amended to have them on and maybe I will put the old cards I currently own on there as well but that could be a job and a half.

Updates with the Compaq 2133

Since I have put ubuntu 8.04 on there it has become a dream machine the things I still have to do on it to get it prefect are:

  1. Move from forcevisa drivers to openchrome
  2. Once the microphone drivers have been sorted out install them
  3. Make it so I can use my W960i to connect my laptop to the Internet

After that I shall have a kick arse machine which is fix for what I want it to do.

I would like to thank the ubuntu community for the forum in my last post as it has helped make this machine usable.

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More on the HP Compaq 2133

by on May.16, 2008, under Compaq 2133, Computing

Well I have had this sub notebook for almost a week now and I must say that the device is great but shame about the OS variant choice. I have spent sometime today installing a different variant. This laptop comes with SUSe preinstalled and for a play it was great but when I wanted to install pidgin so I could chat with my friends on a more up-to-date client. well no rpms on the web or in the SUSe YaST repositories so I downloaded the source. It has been many years since I have had to download source and compile the program I want to use and boy was it painful. No gcc installed and then when I find cpp that would create executables files so off to find gcc, I managed that on the SUSe repositories for SLED 10 SP1 but as I installed that is removed x-org server. So that how my laptop stayed for ast night while a download and burnt the latest .iso of ubuntu 8.04. I connected a USB CDROM and inserted the CD and bang I now have a linux laptop again with working bluetooth and pidgin installed by default unlike the SUSe installation. So now I can see what the laptop can really do. If anyone else wants to install ubuntu on this model of laptop I suggest read this forum topic as it has lots of helpful pointers

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HP Compaq 2133

by on May.13, 2008, under Computing

When I saw this sub notebook on The Register I throught WOW I must get one so I have ask for money for my Birthday which I know isn’t until the 25th of this month and managed to order one. The unit arrived yesterday and it is tiny but solidly made. so far I have found it great the screen is awesome at 8.9 inches and has a glossy finish. So far I have had issues with the bluetooth not connecting to my Sony Ericsson W960i but I shall get that resolved over the next couple of evening. I got the SUSe Linux version cause frankly if you sat Windows Vista on the machine it would be thrown out of a window due to frustration of having to wait for the bloody thing to start. I shall write a small note on how I got the bluetooth issue sorted.

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Not last week

by on Apr.01, 2008, under HP Lights Out, Magic: The Gathering

I know I promised you a entry last week regarding the HP Lights-Out management processor and here it is a little on the late side.

Before I start I must say this may not and most likely isn’t the correct way to do things but I have found that they do work.

To active an select or advanced evaluation license

  • I spent two days on the phone with HP and we came up with nothing so I decided to plug one the network cards into the network to see what would happen if I type in the activation license again and to may surprise and great joy it worked.

If the virtual KVM doesn’t load

  • I found that if you try and use JRE1.6 (Jave runtime environment) you get errors as it is missing some components. The easiest way around this problem was to downgrade (uninstall and install) JRE1.5 which seems to do the trick.

After the I had worked out these problems I managed to mount my CDROM on my local machine to the server across the networkand install windows on the server without leaving my desk. 🙂

That is all I have found so far and this is only lo100i cards not the vasily more impressive ilo2 cards

When I find out some more I shall add it in another post and please let me know if you find any of this useful

On other things I entered a closed super draft Magic: The Gathering tournament using the time spiral set. I was given a sealed deck and 3 boosters in draft rules you take 2 cards out of the booster and pass the remaining cards to the person sat next to you can so on until there are no cards left. you still end up with 15 cards from the booster packs and you can select the some nice cards in the other booster rather than use pick possible 8 cards from your booster you can use and wasting the rest. In the tournament the starting round was round robin with two groups with the top two from each group go into the final.

I didn’t make it into the semi with a rubbish performance of won 1 – drew 1 and lost 3, but I had a good night and would love to do it again.

the next time I should perform alot better.

I shall write more next week about something

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Welcome (again)

by on Mar.21, 2008, under HP Lights Out, Ice Skating, Magic: The Gathering

Well I have decided to complete wipe this site clean yet again. So it is another blank page. I have been at my new job for the last 3 weeks and can say I am completely enjoying the challenge of a new position.

So far I have been show off Lights Out of the DL140 G3 machine I have been building. These machines use lo100i cards which are cut down versions of the ilo cards but they seem equaly impressive. I shall create a post of all the problems I have encountered and I how I go around them so other people need not go through the same pain I have trying to get them to work.

I have also started playing Magic the Gathering in one tornament, I really sucked and lost all my matches and relaised that just playing a stock deck is not a good idea so I will attempting to improve my deck so I can actually win some matches.

That is all I have been doing in the last 3 weeks bar iceskating which I am trying to learn the icehockey stop with a little bit of success.

I am off now to spend an evening with my wife. I shall write about the HP lights out sometime next week.

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