New Phone

by on Mar.10, 2015, under General

For a while now I have decided that my phone the HTC One X was getting a bit long in the tooth, and I have been looking for a suitable replacement. I had thought about the Nexus 6 but I found that to be a little too big for a phone and for the reason I decided not to try and get a One PlusOne. I had been eyeing up the Moto G 4G model but I couldn’t justify the £150 price ticket at the moment. Then Tesco dropped the price of this phone on their Pay As You Go offering to £99 but it was SIM locked to their network.

One ebay auction later and the phone is unlocked and able to be used the network of my choice.

Moto G 4G

The spec of the phone can be found here

First impressions the phone is a nice and light weight and a nice compact size. It is smaller than my old HTC One X. The version of Android (KitKat 4.4.4) running is nice and fast with what appears to be less bloat than the HTC had on it originally with HTC Sense.

I have had the phone for over a month now and I am still really impressed with it, although I have added an 32GB SD card into to take most of my rubbish off the main phone storage.



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And you lot thought I was dead.

by on Nov.04, 2011, under General, Microsoft

I know I know this appears to look like just another abandoned blog. At first, second or possibly even third glance you might be right, but the truth is I have been trying to think of content up there and on my other site At least once a week I must have clicked on new post and started writing a new post about what I was doing. Only to scrap it because it didn’t sound interesting enough for you all. Well not this time. This entry is going to be published for you all to see. So without further ado on with the update.

Since my last update way back in January alot has changed. My wife and I have welcomed our 3rd son Thomas Logan into the world. Our eldest Ryan is just gone up to year 11 (5th year for anyone who is too old to know the new school yearing system). So he is about to sit his GCSE’s. Samual is coming on leaps and bounds as a 2 and a half year old. With his latest trick being it is time to become potty trained.

It Is Movember Time

Movember is the new name for November. In Movember men are encouraged to grow moustaches or “mo’s” to rise awareness of men;s health issues such prostate cancer and the other cancers that can affect men. So by grow a “mo” I am inviting people to come up and ask about my “mo”, this will then allow us to talk about the cause.

If you wish to donate to my “mo” growing please click here and then click on donate. Also for more information on Movember please visit

Work Stuff

In other news I am currently building a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 hosting platform. It is quite a exciting and demanding task as there are lots of things to plan and deploy. As I complelte a section I will write a bit about it up here, I will not go into a lot of details but I will talk about any issues I have encountered and how I resolved them.

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New year new me!

by on Jan.05, 2011, under General, Linux

As with every year that goes past I try and become a little more organised and willing to get on with things. This year is no different, with several house hold tasks that require completing from previous years and some that require starting. Here is a general list so far

  • Finish back fence and fit gate
  • Paint bathroom
  • Paint living room
  • Tidy garage

I think with everything else including work and spending time with the kids I could sensibly finish all this by March. In work related news I am currently revising for a repeat certification hopefully by Easter. Meaning I will have both Microsoft and Linux qualifications.

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Selling stuff on Ebay

by on Sep.09, 2010, under General

Some times you look around at all the stuff you have bought over the years and wonder why or even bought something that you just didn’t need. Today I have made a step to get rid of some of that and placed a few items on ebay.

So far I have placed a brand new battery for a HTC Magic and a Zippo style lighter with rukku from final fanasty x-2

Please feel free to go and have a look and even place a bid.

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General Update

by on Jan.29, 2010, under General, Photos

Well yet again I haven’t updated this site for well over a month and with that I have decided to write about what I have been upto recently. So with that little bit out of the way lets get straight into it.

Facebook update

Bar a brief spell of an evening I have not been on Facebook since the end of November. The brief spell was to the clear down my wifes farmville whilst she went to midnight mass on Christmas eve.

I haven’t missed it and I don’t believe I am missing out of any events or what my friends are doing.

Remote Apps Via Remote Desktop / Terminal services

One of the customer at the company I work for uses the Remote Apps feature of the Remote Desktop role in Windows 2008. I had been asked to add a new remote app server into the farm.

This was of a great interest to learn something new and I can say that I have learnt on this project once this project is finished I shall write up some of the things I have learnt.

New look Photo Website

A while back I registered a domain to host my photos and stuck coppermine in the webspace and just left it without doing much. Well this has now changed it is running wordpress with a builtin gallery. The idea behind this is to host my photos whilst writing tutorials on what I am learning and reviews on items I have brought. There is a link to this site on the left marked “My Photo Gallery”.

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Mid week madness

by on Jun.23, 2009, under General

So it is only Tuesday and what a fun week it has been. The weekend brought lots of chaos.

first off my brakes stopped working. The cause of this little disaster was the brake switch deciding to fail. After  a quick phone around of the local suppliers I could only get hold of one on Monday. So I was without the use of my car over the weekend. SO I get the new switch on Monday and follow this great guide which show you exactly how to replace the part.

In other news this week I have been playing with my htc magic and I must say that it is a great phone.

I shall write more later this week

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new addition

by on Jun.10, 2009, under General, Photos

Well the last month has rushed past me a bit quick. first with the new member of the family turning up late but welcomed.

This young man arrived on the 8th of May at 13:03

He not yet camera shy but let see if with my new camera we can make him.

The Sony A200 is a nice entry level camera which I find very easy to use.

The buttons are well placed and the auto setting just works with no real missing about. I have taken stupid amounts of photos with it but I am yet to upload them to my photo gallery site

The camera battery life is nice and long which means I only have to charge it every couple of weeks.

Now that May has rushed past and the evenings are beginning to turn into some sort of normality  I shall be able to upload photos and continue with the computer projects I have running and maybe get one completed.

I have also joined twitter and will post some useful things on there. If you wish you follow me please checkout the about me page for details on how to get hold of me.

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A Mid April Update

by on Apr.15, 2009, under Computing, General, Ice Skating, Photos

Well it has been a while is I have updated this much to my own dissatisfaction. I have been up to a few things in recent months and will try and write about everything now but I may well miss somethings.

So what have I been doing?

Ice Skating –

I have still been going fairly regularly and I am not improving at the rate I was but still a nice rate, my personal fitness could do with a lot of work but it isn’t anything to be worried about.


  1. I have been trying to setup shrewsoft VPN client to allow me to my office systems without using my desktop, this means that when I am on call I can be out and about without having to worry about staying too close to home.
  2. I have also been playing the sirens game at hack3r website I am currently on level6 trying to gain access to level7 and I hope to have that done at some point tonight.

Photography –

  1. Having played with my samsung trying to get the best pictures I could I decided to upgrade to the sony A200k entry level digital SLR. ( I shall write some more on the camera by the end of the week).
  2. I have a photo I have taken with it up at “My Gallery” and there will be some more photos added shortly.
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by on Dec.31, 2008, under General

Just before Christmas I decided to order a documentary I had heard about on one of the hak5 episode that I have finally managed to find time to watch, it turned up yesterday which I thought was a great delivery response around the Christmas period. I am actually managed to find time to watch it last night whilst I was doing some out of hours work.

The documentary is call hackers are people too and is available from this website. The documentary focus on hackers and asks for their view on how the media perceive them, how they perceive them selves  and how the culture has or has not change of the past decades.  I must say this does beat any of the films out about hacking and goes some way to bring a new way of looking at the mainstream of hackers, as yes there are bad hackers but that is a small percentage of the whole spectrum.

Hackers Are People Too Trailer from Ashley Schwartau on Vimeo.

I would recommend everyone watch this, for no other reason is that the next time you hear the words “A hacker broke into … today” you may have a different view on what to think.

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Decembers update

by on Dec.30, 2008, under General

First off I would liek to wish everyone a happy new year.

As I do almost every year I am going to attempt to write on this blog more often. I shall also write up here  wider variety of subjects.

Over the course of Decemeber I spent most of my time preparing for the Christmas period that is now upon us and thankfully almost over. I am not saying I am not a fan of Christmas but I must say that I can’t be doing with the whole let rush around to see everybody. That being said as this year as well as last years Christmas was quite a quiet affair I did find myself relaxed over the period which is a new feeling for me.

I haven’t written much in regards to computer related topic up here as of late and part of the reason is because I am spend alot of time researching how to offer a cut down version of Microsoft Exhange in a hosted environment for work. Once I have the project put in place and actually start to configure the service I shall write something on the principle. The webbook I have which is the Compaq 2133 is still going strong and I am still using it when I just need to do something quickly.

I have also managed to catch up on watching a internet programme I dive in and out of which is hak5. this is a internet TV show geared towards technology and computing with so very cool ideas.

As soon as I have anything more interesting to say I shall put it up on this blog.

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